Shirley Johnson

Financial/Wealth Coach

Shirley Johnson  Visionary, Founder, Chief Operations Officer of ELITE100 Wealth Builders. EWB is an International organization of Certified/Professional Wealth Consultants and Advisors serving and partnering with individuals, small business, corporations, non-profit and faith-based organizations. With 22 years experience in the financial service arena, Shirley is on a passionate mission to engage, lead, inspire, teach and empower women, families and entrepreneurs to create and sustain inter-generational wealth.  

Shirley is President/CEO of the Leadership Training Center, LLC located in Lanham, Maryland, brokering in the capacity of Senior Field Chairman and Champions Club/Equity Share Owner at First Financial Security, Inc. Shirley is building a nationally recognized agency of ELITE Certified Financial Educators, Financial Services Providers and Insurance Agents. Shirley served with dedication and commitment as Co-Chair of the LiSA Project, which today has evolved as a national grassroots movement focused on women and financial literacy ( Shirley continues to be recognized and rewarded for her leadership, success and on-going efforts to support LiSA Partners in Alliance around the country.  

In 2015, Black Wealth Alliance was formed with Shirley as a Founding Partner. BWA is a powerful collaborative and aggressive group of savvy, professional thought leaders and advocates seeking to help eradicate financial illiteracy in the African American community. The goal of the BWA ELITE100 is to inspire and empower a synergetic movement of “ELITE Champions for Change” leading with financial literacy, education, affordable financial tools and effective resources that will empower and elevate families and business owners to achieve financial stability and security in the 21st Century to leave a legacy of wealth for generations. ( Proverbs 13:22…..“a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”
Shirley shares her passion and gifts with various business entities and organizations to include: ELITE WB Realty (Partner); Universal Help, Inc. (Board Advisor); ELITE Wealth Empowerment Foundation  (Founder/President); Partners in Alliance (President); FraserNet, Inc. (Director, PNC Wealth Management LiSA/M.O.S.E.S.), Sisters4Sisters, Inc. (Lifetime Member); Go Virtual Green Technology (Partner, GVG ELITE Wealth Builders)
Shirley resides in Maryland. Proud Mother of Two Daughters and One Grandson. She enjoys arts, music, traveling and yachting.
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